Myth or Fact – Can Vitamin C Cure Your Cold?

The first thing people do after finding out they have a running nose, is reaching for their bottle of Vitamin C. While some may start popping Vitamin C tablets, some supplement it in their diet via orange, lemon and amla juice. But is it worth piling up tons of vitamin C inside your body just to beat the common cold? And does it pay off? Lets find out. Continue reading

5 Steps Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

Physical exercise is becoming more and more important these days as people wakes to the ever increasing importance of a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise can be great for your health, well being and can keep your physically and mentally fit and active. It will also help in avoiding many of the issues like a spare tire around your belly, joints more stiff than a 100 yr old machine and a spine more stooped than the tower of Pisa. With time being a precious commodity these days, it is important to stay motivated towards an exercise routine by not making it a chore, rather a hobby. Continue reading

Exercises To Keep Your Body and Mind Fit

Exercises are a very big component of staying fit and active. In addition to keeping you looking good, staying fit and active promotes health, wellness, vitality and positive mental health. People often just look at exercises as being useful for weight loss or sculpting muscle. While having a healthy and fit body that is aesthetically pleasing is secondary, the health benefits of exercises cannot be overstated. Whether you work out at home or outside, there are a few types of exercise that stand out from the rest, that can keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Continue reading