26 Amazing Weight Loss Tips That Work

Tired of 3 day diet plans which promise amazing weight loss tips and weight loss? Look no further. We provide you with a comprehensive diet and exercise plans in which we brief you on Weight Loss Tips, fat loss diet, exercise to lose weight, provide diet help etc.. Say no to unhealthy dieting and follow the A to Z Weight Loss Tips.

A-Z Weight Loss Tips

The following are some of the best weight loss tips, and for the convenience of readers, they are given in an alphabetical order.

Weight-Loss-TipsA: Active Through The Day

  • Try to remain active throughout the day. Walk to the market, de-machinise your working, take the stairs instead of the lift, walk around when on the phone etc. All this can help you lose anywhere between 1500-2400 calories,and aid in weight loss.

B: Ball Workouts

  • When used properly, a Swiss Ball will help in strengthening the stomach muscles, making them the focus of your workout. It will help in developing correct posture, and hence less spinal pain, plus absolutely flat stomach.

C: Cortisol

  • This is also called the “stress hormone”. High level of cortisol can lead to tension, headache and weight gain. One of the best weight loss tips is to stay happy !!

D: Density

  • Go for foods with energy density of 2 or less. To calculate energy density, divide calories by weight in grams per serving. Following this will make the calories disappear faster, and help in your weight loss goal.

E: Eat Frequently

  • Anyone who knows a few weight loss tips will surely swear that eating 5-6 small meals per day will help to ward off food cravings and help your energy levels to soar. Plus it will keep you away from weight gaining unhealthy food. It also helps maintain blood sugar level.

F: Fibre

  • Fibre helps us to feel fuller, for a longer time. Adding just 14gm fibre to your diet will cut down on your calorie intake by 10%, helping in weight loss. Fibre can be had in vegetables, nuts, wholegrain, cereals, fruits etc.. Fibre helps prevent constipation, and is always included in all weight loss tips.

G: Green Tea

  • Green tea has powerful anti-oxidants that boost up the metabolism and accelerate weight loss. They stimulate the use of fatty acids by liver and muscle cells. This subsequently allows for more endurance and longer exercise time.

H: Home Workouts

  • You can choose between jumping jacks, free hand exercises, yoga or pilates., step ups or swiss ball workouts. It depends on how how regularly you use it. Doing three exercise sessions of 10 minutes each was as beneficial as a single 30 minute workout. You can increase calorie consumption by combining cardio exercises with lifting weights.

I: Intensity

  • One of the best weight loss tips is working out at high intensity,which consumes more calories. Ideal intensity is that at which you can talk as you exercise but are slightly out of breath.

J: Journal

  • Maintain a journal on exercise and food you consume. Write down everything in it. This will help you cut your calorie intake by upto 1000 calories a day, leading to weight loss. In addition, it helps to upgrade your exercise regime.

K: Ketosis

  • It is a state in which the body starts burning fat for fuel in absence of adequate amounts of carbs. This leads to weight loss. That is why most diets and diet plans start by cutting down on refined carbs. This should be done under strict supervision though. Allow yourself moderate amounts of wholegrain cereals after you stabilise your weight.

L: Listen To Music

  • Listening to music as you workout makes you less tired as it keeps your mind diverted, and hence your mind cant tell whether the body is tired or in pain.

M: Monitor Your Weight

  • People who stepped on the scale every day had a weight loss of 3 kg/year more than people who stepped on weekly, claims a study. It also helps to keep weight under check

N: Nuts

  • Nuts contain mono unsaturated fats which stimulate fat burn. In addition, protein and fibre in a handful of nuts stave off hunger without making one feel lethargic.

O: Order Out Less Often

  • Home cooked meals are always the most healthy. You can have at least 50% less calories than you will consume on ordering out. This can send your weight loss goal for a toss. If not possible, opt for foods which are steamed, boiled, roasted or grilled.

P: Protein

  • Snack up on a handful of peanuts everyday. Protein is essential for tissue and muscle repair and growth. Proteins use more calories to break down. Peanuts also boost your resting metabolic rate due to fatty acid content.

Q: Quit Sugar

  • Sugar is sweet to taste but has nothing to offer more than empty calories. Limit your intake to 2-3 tbsp a day. Also keep in mind that sugar comes in hidden forms such as processed foods and drinks.

R: Reduce Portions

  • Use a smaller plate to eat. How much we eat is as important as what we eat. Again-eating 5-6 small meals in a day will work wonders in your weight loss gain.

S: Slip Ups

  • If you are focusing 80% of the time, its ok to goof up on the rest 20 %. However, it is not harmful till you dont make it a habit of overeating, or skipping exercise.

T: Tag A Friend Along

  • Study shows that you tend to stick to our routine if you work out with a friend or family member. Exercising with a friend is more fun and helps to keep a tab on your progress of weight loss.

U: Up Your Sleep Time

  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. When you feel drowsy, the brain sends a signal which makes the stomach growl, thinking you are low on fuel. Want effective weight loss? Hit the pillow !!

V: Vinegar

  • Adding vinegar to salads not only lends flavor but also ensures you dont need to pile on any extra dressings or salt. Besides being a metabolism booster, vinegar keeps your weight under control.

W: Weights

  • Lifting weights helps you build lean muscle mass. For every 250gms of muscle mass you build, you will burn 50 calories more/day.

X: Xylitol

  • It is a natural sugar substitute. Check with your doctor before using it.

Y: Yoga

  • Normal-weight women who practice yoga have lesser chances of gaining weight than those who don’t. Power Yoga is the most effective for weight loss. It combines greater cardiovascular activity with traditional yoga. This is what helps change the relationship between the mind and body, and eventually between food and eating.

Z: Zigzag

  • Do it with your calorie intake and exercise routine. This forms an effective weight loss technique. Eat more calories some days than you do on others. This can help you lose upto a kilo/week. The idea is to keep your body guessing to keep your metabolism humming. Alternating workouts also helps you lose more.

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