Bradley Cooper Workout Routine and Fitness Tips

Bradley Cooper is an American film star who rose to fame with the super-hit “Hangover”, besides acting in movies like The A-Star and Wedding Crashers. Measuring in at 6’1″ and weighing in at close to 180lbs, Bradley Cooper was voted as the Sexiest Man Alive-2011 by the People magazine, which was held by Ryan Reynolds in 2010. He has gone on to become a heartthrob, having a huge fan following among the girls, who can kill to get a glimpse of his awesome body (Ok, maybe a bit over-exaggeration, but you get the point). Exactly how he got that body, lets find out.

Bradley Cooper Workout


For A Team, Bradley Cooper focussed on his chest, arms and abs. For a square, chiseled chest, his workout focused on incline type chest lifts. For developing the V-shape torso and to get bigger biceps, he focused on Chin ups.

  • Bradley Cooper took the help of the “3-2-1″ routine to get a well defined body. It was also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You must be wondering what on earth it is?? Well this routine consists of 3 cardio circuits, followed by 2 strength training circuits and finished off by (I bet you must be finished already :-P ) 1 core circuit exercise.
  • The only good thing is that each circuit is performed for 10 minutes only, so you spend 30 mins for cardio, 20 minutes for strength training and 10 mins for core circuit. The bad part? The hour long workout has to be intense and fast paced. Just in case you think the workout appears a bit odd, here is the break-up: Cardio-Strength Training-Cardio-Strength Training-Cardio-Core Exercise.

The Bradley Cooper workout can be performed like this:

  • Start with a 10 minute cardio session, like running a lap with medium speed or just running on the treadmill. Follow this warm up with 10 minutes of strength training, picking at most 3 exercises which will involve multiple muscle groups (Our pick is chin ups, bench press and squats) .
  • Abstain from doing exercises which focus on a particular muscle group, like biceps curls, leg extensions, triceps pushdowns and such stuff. Our aim is not to impress that hot chick working out at the adjoining workout station.The strength training circuit should be followed up by 10 minutes of cardio with slightly greater intensity.
  • It can consist of 50 yard sprints (yes sprints, not a walk in the park), running with high knees or similar stuff. Follow it up with more strength training.
  • Choosing 3 exercises which involve different muscle groups (lets change over to Deadlift, push ups and seated rows). Now only the final cardio session is left (Feeling bad for Bradley Cooper yet??). We can perform middle distance running or a high intensity session on a cross trainer. Finish off the workout with 10 minutes of core exercises, and sprinkle in a few abs exercises if needed (and finally drag your limp body back home).

Bradley Cooper Workout: 5 Great Tips


Bradley Cooper built his great body on the following 5 basic points:

  • In every set, go till failure:

Bradley Cooper believes that going at it hard, to a point where you cant squeeze in another rep,  in every set makes sure that muscle fibres are used to their maximum capacity. More capacity utilization leads to more muscle growth.

  • Keep reminding yourself where you NEED to be:

Bradley Cooper believed that keeping in mind your goals will help you to stick to your workout schedule and prevent you from cheating on your diet. Set a goal for yourself and keep it in mind always.

  • Protein Shakes:

Protein shakes are a must for muscles to grow properly. However, only choose products that have “whey protein isolate” or “rBGH free” marked on them. Better still, consult your trainer for the best pick.

  • Keep yourself hydrated:

We mention it every-time, still people overlook it for some reason. Every time we are de-hydrated, our body goes into crazy mode and sugar and carb cravings peak. Bradley Cooper recommends drinking 4-5 liters of water daily.

  • Cheat on your partner, not on your diet (OK. Be faithful to both ;) )

Bradley Cooper maintains that it is necessary to stick to your diet for AT-LEAST 6 weeks minimum. This is the time in which the body can get rid of toxins and maintain normal hormonal balance. Adding fried foods or sugar to diet can put your muscle building efforts in complete disarray.Bradley Cooper advises all to follow his tips. He doesn’t need them any more ;-)


To check out the diet of Bradley Cooper, follow this link:(coming soon…)

Bradley Cooper Diet

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