Britney Spears Diet Plan and Weight Loss

Britney Spears, the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” wonder had a very horrible break-up with husband Kevin Federline, and her diet, workout and stability went for a toss. From a svelte and sexy figure, she gained weight and went upto 160 lbs, before she came back to 105 lbs, which was good for her 5’4″ frame, and is now back to her svelte ways again. We have the entire amazing journey of her weight loss, not only physically, but mentally.

Britney Spears Diet


Britney Spears typically followed 3 basic strategies to bring her weight down.

1.Ditch The Booze:

Alcohol is a depressant, and it amplifies the bad feelings you have. Immediately after her split, Britney was seen downing alcohol at a fast rate. Not only did it make her feel worse, it also gave her empty calories which made her gain weight.

Britney has eliminated booze from her diet now, and not only does it make her feel positive, but it also has helped her bring her weight down.


Britney advises to stay away from booze, at it only adds empty calories

2.Eat Little And Eat Often:

Britney was seen eating junk food after her split. But now she has stuck to eating 5 small, healthy meals throughout the day. Her meals are protein rich, and include tofu, ham, eggs and chicken.

This way Britney makes sure that she has her metabolism running throughout the day and this means it is in the fat-burn zone. Also, protein is an appetite suppressor and makes you feel full all day.


Britney believes in having small meals at regular intervals rather than eating heavy meals

3.Ditch The Extra Calories:

Britney Spears ditched extra calories from her diet, mainly sugar. She cut out on Starbucks Frappuccinos, which had 400 calories each. Now she has something lighter to drink instead.

Britney Spears also cut out on drinking fruit juices as they had high sugar content. She instead prefers to eat raw fruits as they contain fibers and have less sugar content.


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