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How To Perform Upright Rows Exercise

Upright rows is another essential component of shoulder exercises to work on the trapezius muscle, to get a big neck look. It is a contradictive exercise, where many argue it causes shoulder problems. Trainers usually advise this exercise with precaution. Although Upright Rows wont help build big muscle, still it is necessary part of shoulder workouts to gain muscles.

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How To Perform Shoulder Shrugs and Upright Rows Exercise

Shoulder Shrugs are the finale of most shoulder workouts. These might be optional for women, but for guys who want huge necksthis is the by far the best among shoulder exercises for this purpose. Any bodybuilder will keep Shoulder Shrugs as a part of his bodybuilding workout and will swere by its effectiveness. Shoulder Shrugs does not require any equipment,only a pair of heavy dumbbells or a barbell with heavy weights.

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How To Perform Side, Front and Rear Lateral Raises Exercise

The Rear Lateral Raises is the best shoulder exercise to develop your posterior deltoid muscles. Although posterior deltoids are not big muscles, however they need to be given importance in a bodybuilding and shoulder workout. Anyone who wants to gain muscles, will give importance to these muscles to achieve a round shoulder. Rear Lateral Raises technique is similar to the side lateral raise, but the position and body placement is different.


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How To Perform Overhead Press Exercise

Overhead Press was a part of Weightlifting competitions till 1972, but removed because participants started arching their backs to lift more weight ( dangerous !! ). It is also known as the military press. This shoulder workout aims to work on your deltoid muscles, which are neglected in bench presses. Overhead Press is an essential part of bodybuilding and shoulder workout for anyone who wants to gain muscles or build big muscles.

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