Jay Cutler Diet Plan and Fitness

Jay Cutler has huge muscles and hence, so must be his diet and workout. He has been winning Mr Olympia competition from the past 4 years (barring 2008), and is being termed as the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jay Cutler’s vital stats are as follows : height of 5’9″, thighs 31″, arms 22.5″, chest 60″, neck 19.5″, calves 20″, waist 34″. His power packed diet is given below.

Jay Cutler Diet:


Jay Cutler Diet Video

Jay Cutler needs a gigantic amount of food to feed those muscles, and indeed his daily diet is something which will make a normal guy puke.


Jay Cutler has 5 meals in a day, and the most important meal for him is breakfast.


925 calorie; 100gm carbohydrates, 85gm protein, 20gm fat

  • 15 egg whites
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 4 slices of Ezekiel toast (made from wheat,barley,beans,lentils,millet,put in one vessel)
  • 1 dry Ezekiel toast

Jay’s carbohydrate source gradually moved from oatmeal to Ezekiel toast as he believed that it followed the Blood Type Diet and will help him achieve better form in competition.


Jay Cutler is said to be following the blood type diet

Meal 2:

1120 calories, 90gm carbohydrates, 85gm protein, 45gm fat

  • 10 oz steak
  • 2 cups rice

Beef is necessary in a bodybuilder’s life as it provides nutrients like creatine to help muscles grow at optimum level.


Jay prefers beef, as it is a natural source of creatine.

Meal 3:

1350 calories, 180gm carbohydrates, 100gm protein, 25gm fat

  • 10 oz chicken
  • 4 cups rice

This is the last meal Jay Cutler has before he works out. The combination of rice and chicken feeds his muscles with the correct amount of protein and carbohydrates required. Jay opts for white rice to increase calories.


Jay consumes white rice to increase calorie intake

Meal 4:

720 calories, 90gm carbohydrates, 70gm protein, 6gm fat

  • 10 oz buffalo meat
  • 2 cups rice

The reason he chooses buffalo meat is because it is rich in nutrients and is a very lean source of protein.


Jay prefers buffalo meat as it is lean source of protein


1 serving of each of the following: Glutamine, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C.


530 calories, 85gm carbohydrates, 40gm protein, 3gm fat

  • Nitro-Tech hardcore/Cell-Tech Hardcore Stack.

Jay Cutler understands the importance of incorporating supplements into his off-season workout. These protein and carbohydrate supplements help him to maximise muscle growth.


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