John Abraham Body,Diet and Fitness

John Abraham,actor and model, is best known for three things-his body, his acting and his bikes. Star of films like Dhoom and Dostana, John Abraham is regarded as an actor with one of the best looking bodies in Bollywood. John Abraham follows a strict diet plan to maintain his looks and body. His height is 6’1″ and weight is 78 kg. Here John Abraham tells us about his eating habits:

John Abraham Body, Fitness And Diet



John believes in having a heavy breakfast, which helps him ensure that he has enough energy throughout the day and does not binge during meals. His average daily breakfast consists of:

  • Six-Seven egg whites.
  • A glass of fresh fruit juice.
  • Couple of slices of toast with butter and ten almonds.

John Abraham feels that skipping breakfast is more harmful than helpful. The body has been fasting for 8 hours, and skipping breakfast will not be healthy for your body. Starting the day with a dose of vitamins and a heavy breakfast will help keep you energised throughout the day and help you perform at optimum levels.

Small Meals:

He believes in continuously munching on something light and healthy, so as to refuel his body every now and then, and also to keep the metabolism active and working.

Snacking on small meals throughout the day helps when you are performing heavy exercises. Not only does it continuously provide you with energy, it also keeps your sugar levels up.



John keeps it simple during lunch time, sticking to simple wheat chappatis, yellow dal, spinach and some stir fried vegetables. He prefers nutritive value of food rather than the calories that food provides.

Pre and Post Workout

  • John  has some light snacks and protein shakes in the evening.
  • Post workout, he has a light meal like corn, some soups and a vegetarian supper.
  • John  firmly believes that you must feed your body well to make it work, and advises a nutrition snack at the end of a workout.
  • However despite being a vegetarian, John still consumes some fish and eggs.

Diet Orientation:

John Abraham is a strict vegetarian, and what protein he lacks in his diet, he makes up for it through supplements. He has been a supporter of PETA(People For Ethical Treatment of Animals) from a long time. John also said that he does not believe crash diets, and what works is burning excess calories rather than cutting out on them. “Eat well, dont starve, and you will be fit” is John’s mantra.


John Abraham Diet for FORCE

John Abraham sported a very super-human like body in Force, and even for a fit person like him, it was a difficult task. He had to go on a special diet to beef up, and it was something like this:

  • Oatmeal and 12 egg whites in the morning.
  • 7 egg whites for lunch and 6-10 egg whites in dinner
  • 4 slices of steamed fish
  • For carbohydrates- Pasta
  • Whey protein and salads
  • He could have bajra/jowar rotis for both lunch and dinner.
  • However, maida, oil, rice, sweets etc were all off his diet.



John Abraham seen here with his new love Priya, an investment banker

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