John Abraham Workout Routine

John Abraham is regarded as the actor with one of the most hottest bodies in Bollywood. John Abraham is one of the most dedicated when it comes to workout and bodybuilding. He himself regards gymming as one of the most essential things in his life. His height is 6’2″ and weight is 76 kg.

John Abraham Workout


According to John, fitness has 3 main components-good food, good sleep and good routine. Steroids and growth hormones are things best avoided, according to him. He also does not believe in crash diets, as according to him, its about burning calories, not controlling them.

  • According to John Abraham, there are no short-cuts to success and no alternatives to working out, if you want a body like his.
  • He strictly warns against the use of performance enhancing drugs, as they lead to many complex diseases in the future.
  • He is focussed and dedicated towards his workout and is always eager to learn.
  • John does cardio as well as weight training. He advises against neglecting the lower part of the body, as he is always striving for an overall fit body.
  • He puts in 2-3 hours in his workout and included kickboxing too. He does not believe in being too lean, saying “being too lean is not too nice”.

When asked what he meant by being too lean, he said:

A lot of us have a benchmark for how well-toned we must be. I had a very high benchmark. I’m a leader, not a follower. Not that I am always seeing sunshine up my backside. But I’m very individualistic.


John Abraham working out in gym

John Abraham and Steroids

According to John,

The use of unnatural substances is unacceptable to get a body. It leads to hair loss, high blood pressure, mood swings, loss of libido and enlarged glands. Stay away from the short cuts!
On giving tips to youngsters who want to build a good body, John Abraham said:
It’s important to love your body, it should be happy. Don’t treat it like an object that won’t feel pain if you overdo exercise or follow a crash diet. Being cautious is my way to healthy living.

Before anyone starts working out, I would advise him or her to get a thorough check-up done, including testing their metabolism. It is only then that we realise how much we take our body for granted.


John Abraham is rumoured to be following the following routine:

Day 1: Chest and Triceps

Day 2: Back and Abs

Day 3: Cardio and Kickboxing

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Shoulder and Biceps

Day 6: Cardio and Kickboxing

Day 7: Rest day

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10 thoughts on “John Abraham Workout Routine

  1. Maninder Singh

    I m 1 of (John Ab) Guruji’s Biggest fans… i was of 100 kgs n just lost my weight, since i got motivated By John AB… I follow everythng wht he says (Diet)…
    Most imp thing dis month 17th Dec.. On his Birthday… As a big Fan m gonna celebrate it… Happy BirthDay in Adv.. Sir Jhon AB.. :-) We just Love uhh..


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