Kim Kardashian Diet and Weight Loss Secrets

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian, star of Keeping Up With the Kardashian, loved to eat unhealthy foods but had to change her unhealthy eating habits in order to tone herself down to a weight of 107lbs. Her height is 5’2″ and her measurements are 34-26-39. But most men will be keeping their eyes on that 39″ backside.


Kim Kardashian Diet Plan:

Kim followed an unhealthy diet plan earlier, which is given below. All it did was add calories to her body (do I hear men gasping in horror?)


Kim Kardashian’s Old Diet Plan:

  • Breakfast : Starbucks tall white chocolate mocha with whipped cream.
  • Lunch :  Salad with cranberries and candied walnuts, Choco chip cookie and a Diet Coke.
  • Snack :  A Cupcake.
  • Dinner :  Pasta with vegetables and chicken plus cookies and ice cream for desert.

With the old diet meal, Kim Kardashian consumed total of 2250 calories per day, which was pretty unhealthy. However Kim’s new diet plan gave her only 1450 calories per day.


Kim Kardashian’s New Diet Plan:

  • Breakfast :  Oatmeal with bananas.
  • Lunch :  Salad with grilled chicken. Pink-berry yogurt with fruit and granola.
  • Snack :  Carrots and low-calorie ranch dressing.
  • Dinner :  Fish, vegetables and green tea before bed.
This diet plan was much healthier and added lesser calories to her body, which helped her keep her weight under check.


Kim Kardashian, who recently is entangled in a messy divorce with husband Kris, is rumored to be on a weight loss mission, and said that she had lost 6 pounds in 7 days ! According to Kim:

I’m on a mission. I figure, I’m single. Now is the best time to get in shape.

No magic pill worked here, and Kim Kardashian attributes her weight loss to her diet and workout. She has also removed gluten, sugar and dairy from her diet. She is also reported to be working out twice, and her tweets verified this fact. She was also feeling much better, and was quoted saying:

No more sitting at home, eating too much! I feel so much better.”


Kim Kardashian started following the macrobiotic diet, which included veggie burgers, tofu and soy cheese. The diet was mostly vegan:- low in fat, high in fiber. Kim says the diet has worked wonders for her. However, Kim still cannot get over her cravings for burgers and fried food, and has them every now and then. However, Kim tries to avoid heavy carbs and is moderate even when she’s gives in to cravings.

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4 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Diet and Weight Loss Secrets

  1. jhony

    while talking about Kim Kardashian i will must say that she is not only hot sexy and sizzling due to her beautifull looks.Her images show us that how she got change in her looks and sexy appeals. She really know how to spend and how to get back.

  2. Miley

    She’s still too young to properly analyze her diet and lifestyle properly, but my first impression is; she’ll start to develop a pouch later in life if she continues to eat only 4 meals a day.
    Younger than 25: You have the body you were born with.
    Over 35: You have the body you earned.


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