Randy Orton Diet Plan and Fitness Secrets

WWE superstar Randy Orton,also known as The Viper and The Legend Killer, is one of the most fittest superstars in the world, and his diet and workout are the reason behind it. His height is 6’4″ and weight is 245 pounds. Randy Orton lends an insight into his diet plan and what he eats to remain fit.



The following is the diet and eating habits of Randy Orton.

  • Randy has a fairly simple diet.
  • He stays away from carbohydrates after 8pm, and he usually eats a limited amount of carbs during the day, and usually from potatoes, oatmeal and pancakes.
  • Randy Orton tries to eat 250gm of protein per day, 1gm for each pound of body weight.
  • 60% of this protein intake comes from supplements like Isopure Meal Replacements and Protein Powder. Nitro Tech is good as well.


  • He also eats protein bars from Leanbody.
  • From food, most of Randy’s┬áprotein comes from egg whites, steak, fish, chicken, milk and cottage cheese (paneer).
  • Randy Orton eats Sushi 3 times a week.
  • He says although its hard to eat good when on the road, still you can eat good if you try.
  • One thing he ensures-stay away from junk food !!



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