Ronnie Coleman Diet Plan

8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman is known as the very best among bodybuilders, and most people want to imitate his workout and diet. His height is 5’11” and his weight is 135kg (on season) and 150 kg(off season). With Lee Haney, he holds the record of 8 successive wins at Mr Olympia. Its obvious that he needs a large diet to feed those big muscles, so lets see what Big Ron Coleman eats.

Ronnie Coleman Diet


Ronnie Coleman weighs 135 kgs during the season and 150 kgs offseason. Here is what he had to say about it.


Ronnie Coleman’s daily diet is as follows:

10:30 am: He has his first meal at this time, i.e, 3/4 cups of grits with cheese and 2 cups of egg-whites.

  • He has 6 tablets of BSN Nitrix before this meal. After meal, he has 6 BSN Betalin capsules and waits 2 hours and before workout, he has 3 scoops of NO Explode.
  • After finishing workout, Ronnie Coleman has 6 more tablets of Nitrix and 2 scoops of Cell Mass. He also takes his regular supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Multi-vitamin, Multi-mineral, Chromium, Glucosomine, CQ-10, Liver tablets, Humanofort, Saw Palmetto, Prostate Health and Coral Calcium.

4:00 pm:

  • Ronnie now has 1 chicken breast with red beans and rice, kernel corn and couple of slices of cornbread and water. He has another 6 capsules of betalin after this meal.

7:00 pm:

  • Ronnie has 3 chickens with baked potatoes and a glass of water. Before this meal, he will have another 6 tablets of BSN Nitrix.

10:00 pm:

  • Ron will have 9 oz of filet mignon, 5 oz chicken breast, a baked potato and a side of french fries. He flushes them down with a glass of pink lemonade. He has another 6 capsules of BSN betalin after the meal.

12 midnight:

  • He will have another 2 cups of cell mass.

01:30 am:

  • He will have 4 scoops of lean dessert protein, making a shake. Since this is the last meal of his day, he will have vitamin c, vitamin e, multi-mineral, ZMA, DHEA and Coral Calcium.


Video: Ronnie Coleman on his diet:

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