Selena Gomez Diet Plan And Fitness Secrets

Disney child actor and singing sensation Selena Gomez has been around with boyfriend Justin Bieber for some time now. Born to a Mexican father and Italian mother, Texas born Selena Gomez has suddenly had the spotlight shifted onto her, with women of all ages raising questions on how she manages to stay slim and fit, over rumours that Selena Gomez was malnourished and resorted to under-feeding herself to look thin, which was further compounded when she was hospitalised for malnutrition. We give you comprehensive details of the diet plan of Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez Diet Plan


Selena Gomez has just one thing missing from her life-a proper diet. She has battled low iron levels which left her hospitalised and kept the rumour mills buzzing that she was under-feeding herself, and possibly was pregnant.

Selena’s diet was typical for a person who was 16 years old, someone who ate poorly, and loved junk food. However post her hospitalisation, Selena Gomez has vowed to eat healthy food, dump junk food and add more protein and other nutrients into her food.

Selena’s health issues cannot be blamed on her not eating enough. She was, but the wrong stuff. Junk food was the main culprit here in her poor diet, just as it is among most teenage kids. Selena had herself said in an interview that she loved junk food, and food that was not right for her like she had to have her spinach creamed and cheese on her broccoli. Selena Gomez was also a huge fan of M&M’s, KitKat bars, Snickers and Goobers. However, Selena has now pledged herself to eat healthy and dump all the junk food and take daily iron and vitamin supplements to recover her health properly.

Here is a sample of daily diet of Selena Gomez:


Breakfast (~250 calories)
Selena’s breakfast consists of a mean omelet (with cheese, mushrooms, and onions) cooked by her mother.

Lunch (~350 calories)
Selena has a protein rich lunch such as turkey or meat which helps her to keep her energy up.

Dinner (~850 calories)
For dinner Selena likes to eat some Italian food such as lasagna. Even though it borders on 800+ calories, yet she still prefers it.

Snacks (~300 calories)
Selena admits that she can’t resist Reese’s Pieces or Snickers. She also prefers pickles, as she believes they fill you up.

However the problem comes into picture when you see her dinner and snacks. Candies and pickles. Are you serious?? ~850 calories for dinner, which screams weight gain ! 


Selena Gomez has been suggested 3 basic tips to keep her diet healthy and stay fit (Yea Selena, if you read this, do follow it :) )

1. She should start eating a fruit or vegetable (lets stick to the fruit) before a meal or whenever she feels hungry. This will satisfy her craving and make her feel fuller. This will also make sure she keeps away from junk food.

2. Being a diet dictator does harm only to yourself. Selena can have an occasional cheat day, but she should make sure that 80% of the food that she eats should be natural/home-cooked/raw and the rest 20% can be processed or junk food.

3. She should have protein, even if in small amounts, with each meal. It doesn’t matter whether its turkey, soy-bean, lentils or even eggs, all these natural foods are high in iron (something she lacks, remember?) and will keep her energised throughout the day.


Selena Gomez may not love to work out as much as her lover Justin Bieber loves it, still she manages to work out sometimes, even though she hates it.

Check out her workout at: Selena Gomez Workout

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