Tom Cruise Diet Plan and Weight Loss Secrets

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, better known as Tom Cruise, is an American film actor and producer. He was born on July 3 1962 and has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards and has won 3 Golden Globe Awards. A heartthrob of most women even at the good age of 48, his boyish looks still making women swoon over him. However the 5’7″ actor has managed to keep himself fit despite the advancing age. Lets find out the secret behind this fitness and go a little deeper into the diet plan of Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise Diet Plan


Tom Cruise prefers to eat the way he likes to eat. That explains why he refused to follow the diet designed to get him into proper shape for Mission Impossible 3 (yea yea I know you just saw MI-4..even I did, but the reason why he “followed the diet” prescribed to him can wait a lill while).

However Tom Cruise chose to look the other way when the nervous studio bosses handed him a diet plan to get in shape. (Hell I am Ethan Hunt, and I know better) The reason he preferred to follow his heart (stomach?) was because he wasnt chubby, and had gained plenty of muscle while training for the Last Samurai.


The diet of Tom Cruise completely bars him from junk food and is a low carbohydrate diet. He is allowed to eat meat, cheese, fat and some green leafy vegetables, keeping in mind that carbohydrate consumption is kept minimum(wonder why). But his diet bans any food having sugar, white flour and starchy vegetables are a strict no-no.

As with all diets, Tom Cruise drinks atleast 10 glasses of water to keep himself hydrated. His diet includes foods which are rich in fibres, like vegetables and fruits, which help in digestion. Tom Cruise has 6-8 small meals spread over the day to keep his metabolism in fat-burn mode.


Tom Cruise is rumoured to love “Wikki Wikki Wings” (a chicken dish), which he orders at the Rainforest Cafe in London. However, the world’s greatest sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa claims that Tom loves Sashimi Salad.

Tom Cruise has 2 large tuna servings in a day and he alternates between raw Sashimi and  home-grilled tuna steaks. Tuna fish are nutritionally dense and are a great source of high quality protein. It also helps the skin glow.

However, the latest turn of events came when wife Katie Holmes decided to take matters into her own hand and become the diet expert for her husband, along with David Beckham and wife Victoria.

Katie decided to help Tom lose weight by putting him on a strict weight loss diet plan which put a stob to sweets in his diet (tsk tsk) and lowered the amounts of carbs in his diet. Katie used to bake cookies and brownies for Tom, as they were his weakness, and Tom advised her not to make them to help out in his weight loss (poor chap, we do feel bad for you).


So, keeping the wishes of Tom Cruise intact, Katie fills Tom’s diet with lean proteins and vegetables. So instead of red meat and pasta, its autumn vegetables like squash and sweet potatoes on the platter for Mr Tom Cruise. Giving these vegetables company is chicken and fish (tuna,remember??)

Tom Cruise and Weight Loss

Katie was upset at Tom for gaining weight, as on his 5’7″ frame, every pound gained showed up (believe me, I aint any taller, and it does show up). So Katie decided to put him on a (for all of those who moaned about me providing his diet for MI-3) $ex Diet !!! Oh yes you read that right. the actual thing.

It seems that Katie read somewhere that you burn upto 600 calories if you play wrestling between the bedsheets 3-4 times a week. Tom Cruise aint gonna disappoint her (hell, which husband would?) and has promised to up the ante whenever they are in town together.

Tom Cruise comments about his diet:

“I try not to eat too much junk food, although I do love it. Growing up, I always ate what was on my plate and sometimes the person who finished first got the extra piece. So when I first began making money as an actor, it was a thrill being able to have any kind of food I wanted and eat as much as I liked. These days I love well-prepared lobster, pasta and flounder … and strawberries.”


Just incase you think the secret of the fitness of Tom Cruise is all under the sheets, check out the following link

Tom Cruise Workout

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